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At Felpa International we bring together business solutions and services for various industries. We co-operate only with professionals. Join, inquire or propose and experience the business taken to new heights. Our goal is to deliver credibility and trust. Our solutions are innovative and educational.

Our mission at Felpa is to make trading, consultancy and software development more accessible and feasible.


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Our Services

We provide call center out sourcing solution as well as call center setups. Our Solutions for call centers include PBX Solutions, IVR Solutions, and hosted call center solutions.


We can develop cross device & cross platform mobile games. We use cocos2dx or Unity to develop 2D and 3D games.


We offer a full range of outsourcing services such as Project outsourcing, Services outsourcing, Infrastructure outsourcing and dedicated resource model.


We develop corporate solutions likes ERP solutions, Digital Asset Management, AD Exchange Networks, Payment Processors, CRM, E-Commerce, M-Commerce etc.

Web Development

We provide customized web solution using multiple programming languages, CMS & Frameworks with responsive designs


News Stand Magazines, CRM Clients, Mobile CMS, Customized promotional marketing tools, Mobile commerce and many more types of apps have been successfully delivered to our clients.


Felpa International Trade Co., Ltd can provide clients a platform to take part in International trading exhibitions all over China. Our Event Services team assists clients with the physical aspects of organizing events. This includes equipment, exhibition stands, logistics and complete on-site support as well as equipment transport, storage and maintenance.


Felpa International trade co., Ltd can provide value added services such as the implementation of a quality control program to meet your specifications. You can guarantee the product will meet your quality standard before it leaves China. It will eliminate the chance to receive bad product in your country of destination.


Felpa International Trade Co., Ltd is fully staffed with trilingual employees. We can handle any kind of paperwork and translation of labels, brochures, word documents, etc. Translation is available in the following languages: Mandarin, English, Urdu, Russian, Japanese, Korean and so on.


Running Projects


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Completed Projects


Working in Countries

What is IEC?

“International Entrepreneurs Corridor” is a platform aimed to create a business incubation center for young international entrepreneurs. Here we aim at helping foreigners to access Chinese and foreign resources, authorities’ aids as well as entrepreneurs mutual communication and integration of resources. Through this platform we are majorly focusing on resolving issues such as communication barriers, policy restrictions, unemployment as well as challenges of self-employment. Therefore reasonability, resourcefulness and legality will be secured. This will pool-in the talent from different walks of life. This platform is a meaningful, innovative exploration of international entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and is the first of its kind in China Mainland.

Our CEO Message

Dear All: It is my extreme pleasure to welcome you to the Felpa Group website. ``Satisfactory`` may be good enough for some, but most of us want more than that. Simultaneously satisfaction is contentment; our motive is beyond that blitheness. We want to be part of a team whose members, even years later, will be remembered for what they accomplish. We want illustriousness! At Felpa, our passion and mission is to enable greatness in business everywhere. Felpa Group is a venture of professional Enterprises with offices in both Pakistan and China. In 1985, we started in Pakistan dealing with the problems of modern cleaning and industrial solutions, and we have now expanded our scope to provide wide range of services to our clients including business consultancy, international trade and information technology. We also provide integrated and complete machining solutions including design, programming, machining, installation and commissioning, and after sales service. We have been privileged to work with hundreds of enterprises and produced results to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Our company has shown effectiveness in quality control and after-sale services to meet customer satisfaction. Our commitment is to provide the best service and support to assist you in achieving the highest levels of performance and economy from our superb range of services. We are proud that our works have been highly appreciated by our customers. We will continue to improve ourselves in the future with the hope of being successful together with our customers and suppliers。 Adnan Hafeez CEO, Felpa Group CEO

Dr. Adnan Hafeez

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