“International Entrepreneurs Corridor” is a platform aimed to create a business incubation center for young international entrepreneurs. Here we aim at helping foreigners to access Chinese and foreign resources, authorities’ aids as well as entrepreneurs mutual communication and integration of resources. Through this platform we are majorly focusing on resolving issues such as communication barriers, policy restrictions, unemployment as well as challenges of self-employment. Therefore reason-ability, resourcefulness and legality will be secured. This will pool-in the talent from different walks of life. This platform is a meaningful, innovative exploration of international entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and is the first of its kind in China Mainland.

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Improving financial literacy & business ethics

 We are well positioned to understand the needs of the business, management areas of focus and development. We also analyze the pros and cons of financing sources, including bringing in a new partner/owner who contributes both capital and expertise.

Social security and chances of receiving unemployment benefits:

 We provides an economic safety net for people when they lost their jobs. Unemployment insurance is funded through taxes paid by employers, and all employers are required to carry coverage. At FelpaGroup your unemployment benefits will not affect Social Security payment amounts.

Increased international business referrals

 The international referrals we got through using the right technology, right marketing strategy, useful business approaches and networking. We also understand the local market and culture to help our customers to adapt their business for a smooth expansion.

Exceptional business opportunities for youth

By providing consultant services we helps our customers to build a unique business model. At FelpaGroup, our aim is to focus on Local Market, Youth Needs, and Local Services. We helps them to build a structure and design for their program and also provide Small- and Micro-Enterprise Training.

Fabrication of a unique business model

We helps our customers to build a unique business model. Our customers are our first priority. We delivers products or services with high margins. We make sure their vision becomes reality and helps our customers to fulfill their needs.

Improvement of international trade

International trade is the backbone of our modern, commercial world. We provide unique services that can improve international trade system. Our focus is to Reduce impact of seasonal sales fluctuation, to access new markets is easier way.

Our Trade

 In an effort to provide a more complete end to end service from the factory right through to final destination, Colon Import & Export is affiliated with the world’s largest logistics companies. We also innovate in designing the best import & export solutions to optimize pricing, quality, quantity and delivery of products, enhancing speed of market.

We at FelpaGroup, aim to give a stimulating experience to our employees & clients through our dynamic approach towards making their association fruitful. Our dedication organizing high quality trade exhibitions and related services has produced a market leading portfolio of 50+ events covering the Processing & Packaging, Manufacturing and other sectors.

 We do more than just piece together visual, textual and behind the scenes elements to build you a software: we create stunning works of art that are as functional as they are beautiful. We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already discovered our comprehensive platform of services and we’ll be able to provide you with all of the solutions you require.